Teacher Week 2013- 10 Fun Things About Me!

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'!  I'm excited to link up with these amazing teachers.

Today is Monday so that means it is Meet The Teacher!

Where do I live?
I am a Wisconsin girl at through and through, and have only lived in TWO cities!  Born, raised, and went to college in Waukesha, WI, and now teach and live in Milwaukee.  I LOVE our great state, the changing seasons, our sports teams and the mix of city and county!  It's a great place to be!

Alpha Xi is the Life for me!
I am a sorority girl, and proud of it!  I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta, and our sisterhood has changed my life in so many wonderful ways!  I am so lucky to have stayed active after college by advising chapters, and being involved with our alumnae association.  One of the best decisions I ever made was joining that amazing group of women!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
I am a dog person.  I tried to be a cat person once, and still like them, but I LOVE dogs.  Our pooch is Clyde.  We adopted him from the wonderful Humane Society two years ago.  We lucked out.  He is 7 years old, a German Wire-haired Pointer Mix.  He is great with kids, loves walks, and likes to roll over on his back when he sleeps.  

Clyde and me at my brother's wedding!

Crazy Past Jobs
I have had a LOT of jobs over the years!  Some of them include, working at a pet store, a bank teller, a summer camp director and a school bus driver!

What Do I Teach?
I am a special education resource teacher working with kiddos in kindergarten through third grade with a wide range of disabilities.  I taught a self contained class for students with cognitive disabilities for 3 years and LOVED it! I have also taught self contained emotional and behavioral disabilities at the middle school, and a primary self contained autism class.  But, I started my career at a Catholic School teaching first grade for 2 years, and I even taught Kindergarten in a small public district, too!  I definitely think my current role is my favorite. Working with so many great kids and teachers is fantastic- busy, busy, busy, but FANTASTIC!

Guilty Pleasures
I love Starbucks.  The iPhone app is the best invention ever.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my favorite by far, but I have many others I enjoy when PSL is not available! I could stop there every day.  (I don't, but I could!)

I have a slight addiction to Vera Bradley.  My collection grows and grows.  Just when I think I have plenty, that new pattern comes out I have to have!
just a part of my vera collection

And, I LOVE to karaoke!  My friends and I used to go out every week, sometimes more than once a week!  We all got older and got married or had kids or moved away, but we still sneak out every now and then for a night out full of love and laughter!
My BFFs Brooke and Katy and I at Karaoke

I'm tall, My Husband is TALLER!
I'm 6' 1".  My Husband, Tim? He is 6' 9"!  He is a teacher, too!  So we were meant to be.  We both work at International Baccalaureate Schools.  He will be teaching Spanish to K-5th graders as part of their IB program this year.   

Autism Speaks
I am an active volunteer with Autism Speaks!  I just finished my 2 year position serving as the Milwaukee Walk Now for Autism Speaks chair. (We raised over $230,000 this year!) I am now excited to serve as the chair of the Corporate Advisory Council which will strengthen the Autism Speaks presence in Milwaukee, and lead to us having our official chapter of Autism Speaks here.  

Do It Myself
I'm a doer, a figure it outer.  I like to make things and fix things.  And, if I don't know how, I will just try to figure it out.  I've done everything from making my own wedding invitations to using a crowbar to demo the panelling that used to be in our living room.  I like to be crafty, and am blessed to have a whole craft room in our basement that is fully stocked.  I've built IKEA furniture, and dug up bushes.  I like to at least try, before asking for help.
Using My Crowbar on that paneling!

An Apple a Day
I have a slight addition to Apple products.  I have an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Macbook.  I like to be connected, and my devices definitely help me do that!  I used to be a PC girl.  But, once I went Apple, I don't want to go back! 

So that is a little about me!  

Make sure you stop back tomorrow for a look at my classroom!

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