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What is it about kids and dry erase markers?  They just LOVE them!  I keep a wide variety of colors, sizes and even scents. (Gotta love those Scentos Markers!)  And they will do ANYTHING with them!

Did you know that those $1 cookie sheets from the dollar store can be used as a dry erase board?

My students go CRAZY when I let them write on the pans, like we were breaking some sort of rule. They are perfect for making words, too- you can build and record in one spot!

It's a simple trick, but a good one to add to our bag of novelties to keep things interesting.  Being in special education (and all teachers, really), our kiddos need LOTS of practice with the same types of activities and skills.  By adding a bit of novelty, it makes an old activity new again!

Do you have a trick up your sleeve to keep things interesting for kids?
Hey there everyone! I'm linking up with Freebie-licious for their Tell Us About You Tuesday.

Hi!  I'm Melissa.  My friends and family call me Mel. 
(Some even call me Melsie, or even Smelly!)  

I am a special education teacher, and truly feel it is my calling.  I totally LOVE my job!  I have taught first grade and kindergarten, too.  Before my current resource position, I taught self contained EBD, self contained CD, and self contained Autism classes.  I loved each and every class, and all of the joys (and challenges they brought to me!)

This is me and my pal Nathan.  He was the ring bearer at our wedding.  I met him when I was a special education paraprofessional.  That job changed my life.  This picture is from our time at camp together.  

I worked at a summer camp for adults and children with disabilities for 8 years.  I served as director for 4 of those years.  Being outside, creating memories and experiences for all regardless of disability was an unforgettable opportunity.  AND, I met some of my bestest friends while working there!

These two ladies are my BFFs, My MOHs (Maid of Honors) and My People!  Brooke, Katy and I all worked at camp together.  We go way back and have experienced so much together. I do not know what I would do without them!
 (I know you are jealous of our killer ponytails!)

We love to go to karaoke (although, not as often as we used to!) 

There is nothing like letting loose with your people.  We have a favorite DJ who has done our weddings and is a close friend.  No other DJ compares.

My girls and I love our Milwaukee Brewers!

We like to tailgate and cheer on our team!  We were season ticket holders for several years in a row!

My Spanish Teacher Husband, Tim, is a Brewers fan, too!

We love to go to games together.  (Especially on the Club Level, so he can escape to air conditioning if it is too hot.  And, they have more leg room!  He is 6' 9" and I am 6' 1"!)

Tim and I met on eHarmony!  He requested to speak to me, and I actually rejoined just to connect with him!  How could I turn down a guy taller than me who was a teacher?  
He makes me pretty darn happy!

I am an Auntie to some pretty great kids!
Here I am with my sweet nephew Theodore.  I'm his godmother.  He had a rough entry to this world of ours, but he keeps beating those odds each day.  

Plus, he loves to laugh like his Aunite Mel!

Here are my two nieces, Cali (my goddaughter) and Tori.
They like to take selfies with Auntie Mel.  
(Their brother Edward is my other nephew. Sadly I don't have a picture with him!)

I am an Alpha Xi Delta.  (If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, my handle is @melaxid, for my sorority!)  I am an active volunteer with them and love helping women realize their potential!  I just got back from our National Convention in Boston.  It was an amaXing experience!

Through my sorority membership, I became involved with Autism Speaks.  Autism Speaks fights to improve the future of those affected by autism spectrum disorders.  I have had the honor of serving as Walk Chair for the Milwaukee Walk Now for Autism Speaks, and continue to volunteer for the organization.  

I love country music and top 40.

My laugh is loud and unique.

I need a coffee in the morning.

I gave up soda over a year ago.

My favorite colors are green, yellow and blue.

I could eat Mexican food e.v.e.r.y. d.a.y.

I like to be silly and enjoy the moment!

And you made it to the bottom!

Do we have anything in common?

Thanks for stopping by!

Hello All!  I'm linking up with Freebie-icious this week and Monday is Must Have Monday!

I'm going to share with you a few of my Must Haves for my classroom and me as a teacher.

First up-  My Planner and Writing Utensils:

I love my Erin Condren planner!  Gorgeous, inspirational and durable! This beauty is my third one, and I was super excited she offered the horizontal option this year!  I also love to plan with great writing tools!  My current favorites are the Papermate Inkjoy and Papermate Mechanical pencils.  LOVE these!  The Inkjoys coordinate with the flair pens, too, which makes my color coded planner-self very happy!

Second- Teacher Bag!
This is the All Day Organizing Tote from Thirty-One!  It is a must have for hauling things to and fro.  I LOVE it- the pockets, the zipper, the durability!  I have it in Black Spotty Do, it's my go to bag!

Last- Teacher Tribe

Just some of my amazing coworkers.  So thankful for a great Teacher Tribe!

My final Must Have is a Teacher Tribe.  (And, yes the ones on Facebook are amazing!) But, a real life one i just what you need to get through the tough days, the one too many meetings or PD sessions.  I'm fortunate to work with many gifted, passionate, incredible educators.  I learn so much from them, and am thankful to have them in my life!

What are your Must Haves?

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