Must Have Monday! with Freebie-licious

Hello All!  I'm linking up with Freebie-icious this week and Monday is Must Have Monday!

I'm going to share with you a few of my Must Haves for my classroom and me as a teacher.

First up-  My Planner and Writing Utensils:

I love my Erin Condren planner!  Gorgeous, inspirational and durable! This beauty is my third one, and I was super excited she offered the horizontal option this year!  I also love to plan with great writing tools!  My current favorites are the Papermate Inkjoy and Papermate Mechanical pencils.  LOVE these!  The Inkjoys coordinate with the flair pens, too, which makes my color coded planner-self very happy!

Second- Teacher Bag!
This is the All Day Organizing Tote from Thirty-One!  It is a must have for hauling things to and fro.  I LOVE it- the pockets, the zipper, the durability!  I have it in Black Spotty Do, it's my go to bag!

Last- Teacher Tribe

Just some of my amazing coworkers.  So thankful for a great Teacher Tribe!

My final Must Have is a Teacher Tribe.  (And, yes the ones on Facebook are amazing!) But, a real life one i just what you need to get through the tough days, the one too many meetings or PD sessions.  I'm fortunate to work with many gifted, passionate, incredible educators.  I learn so much from them, and am thankful to have them in my life!

What are your Must Haves?


  1. I just bought my first pack of Flair pens this summer. I'm using them to make a bullet journal because I can't remember anything, and Post-It notes get lost. They also make mundane tasks more fun...just like the Ink Joy pens, which brighten up my grading! :)

    1. I cannot believe you haven't had flair pens before this! Just be careful not to stab yourself--- remember the Uniball incident from college?

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I need to invest in a proper teacher bag for toting everything back and forth!

    Years That Ask Questions

    1. A good bag makes all the difference! I really try to not fall into the trap of hauling things back and forth, but sometimes it's a necessity and I need a cute bag to do it in! Good luck finding the perfect bag for you! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great post! I love how you included your "Teacher Tribe" as a must-have. How true! I made my post and though of the tangible things... but people are the most important pieces of our teacher lives! Thanks for sharing. :) Check out my "Monday Must Have" here: (I'm a K-6 special education teacher and math interventionist) Thanks!

    1. I couldn't do it with my tribe :) Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower by the way!


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