Wonderful Idea Wednesday with Freebie-Licious

It's Wonderful Idea Wednesday with our pals at Freebie-Licious!

What is it about kids and dry erase markers?  They just LOVE them!  I keep a wide variety of colors, sizes and even scents. (Gotta love those Scentos Markers!)  And they will do ANYTHING with them!

Did you know that those $1 cookie sheets from the dollar store can be used as a dry erase board?

My students go CRAZY when I let them write on the pans, like we were breaking some sort of rule. They are perfect for making words, too- you can build and record in one spot!

It's a simple trick, but a good one to add to our bag of novelties to keep things interesting.  Being in special education (and all teachers, really), our kiddos need LOTS of practice with the same types of activities and skills.  By adding a bit of novelty, it makes an old activity new again!

Do you have a trick up your sleeve to keep things interesting for kids?

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