This weekend I was so blessed and lucky to attend my very first Teacher Blogger Meet up!  Jessica Plemons from Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten and Angela Nerby from Hippo Hooray for Second Grade organized a Back to School Bash for the Wisconsin Teacher Bloggers!  

When I first saw Angela post about the meet up, I was excited, but hesitant, since I am just a newbie! But, I signed up  right away, so I couldn't talk myself out of it!

Soon, I found out that Amber from Mrs. Unger's Unbelievable Elementary Experiences was also planning to attend, so we became carpool buddies. Amber taught with my husband for several years.  Let me tell you, it definitely helped my nerves, knowing someone ahead of time!

Amber and I at the Delefield Brewhaus

Angela and Jessica went ALL out!  The event allowed for some fun, some connecting, some crafting and some learning.  Plus, they reached out to so many amazing sponsors who all donated to our event!  We were SO spoiled!!  
Our crafty sanitizer bottles we decorated,
and our agenda for the day!

There were drawings and contests throughout the event!  I was lucky enough to win the Creative Paper Collection Set from Krista Wallden of Creative Clips!

I had been eyeing those Weekly Planning Pads for  a while and am SO excited I won!

We had goodies from: SitSpot, SDE, ClassDojo, GoNoodle, Missy Squirrels, I Teach What's Your Superpower, Educlips, Kendra Scott, Laugh Eat Learn, Shelia Jane and SO MANY MORE!!!   It was incredible to feel the love!

It was a great afternoon of sharing ideas, networking, and talking to people who "get it."  Even though I am just beginning this journey, I realized I do have something to add to this community and am excited to carve out my spot a bit more with each blog post, TPT product, and collaborative conversation.

The AMAZING Wisconsin Teacher Bloggers!

Thank you to all who attended, all the sponsors and especially to Jessica and Angela!  It was a truly inspiring event!

Whether it's Back to School season or your class just needs something to get back on track, it's time to think about building (or retooling) that classroom community!

I love to start the year with lots of opportunities for students to get up and move AND get up and TALK to each other!  One of my favorite games (and super easy to implement) is Human Bingo!  You can make any size bingo sheet you like, and fill in the boxes with "Find someone who..." stems.  Some examples could be- went on vacation this summer, likes pizza, has a pet, etc.  Students get up and moving trying to find someone for each box on their bingo board, and have their classmates sign the appropriate box.  Fun and simple.

I even did a spin off of Human Bingo using the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profile Traits.  For those of you not familiar, these are ten traits that students in an IB programme strive to possess in their learning and life.  I created a sentence stem having students select a trait they exhibited over the summer, explaining why.  Then they play human bingo to find classmates who demonstrated one of those traits over the summer.

I have the IB Learner Profile Ice Breaker as a freebie in my TPT store.

What activities do you use to build classroom community?
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