We are in love...with Task Cards!

I am in love, and so are my students.... with Task Cards!  

My fifth grade readers have really been struggling with their comprehension.  We have been focusing on finding evidence in the text and putting the question in the answer.  But, honestly have not seen a lot of progress overall.  I needed to find a way for my students to get daily practice with a wide variety of comprehension skills, but that didn't take up too much time of our limited time together. (This is a major challenge as a resource teacher!)  

Then it hit me... TASK CARDS!  

Task cards are the perfect opportunity for daily practice of skills.  My students love the novelty of them.  I love the variety and repetition.  It's a win-win!  Our current favorites are form Rachel Lynette.  She has SO many different ones available at a variety of levels, too!

We've been using them a few different ways.  Sometimes I pass out a few to each student, then they answer on their white boards.  Or, we will take turns reading out loud and compare answers.  We will use them as a quick warm up, or as our final activity to wrap up our group.  

So far, they have been a hit!  I can't wait to use them more and more with my readers, and continue to watch them grow.  

How do you use task cards with your students?

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