How to Use One Rule to Manage Behavior in the Classroom

Clip Charts, Dojo, Tickets, Oh My!  When it comes to how you manage your classroom, there are so many options, so many ways and so many opinions on what works best.  It can be so overwhelming trying to decide what will work best for you and your students.

Managing behavior classroom behavior

I had tried flip cards, and creating lists of rules with my students, and warnings, but found it was hard to stay consistent, and remember all of the rules and all of the consequences related to the rules.  

Then, I learned the one classroom management trick that SAVED me.  Having ONE rule, with ONE Consequence.

That's it.  Easy peasy.  And it works.

Here's how it works in my classroom.  Don't cause a problem for yourself, your classmates, or your teacher.  (I like to say anyone in the UNIVERSE to keep my bases covered!)  If you cause a problem- stopping teaching and learning; hurting someone; breaking something; wasting time; etc, I will follow up with a consequence to fit the crime.  

My consequences vary per student and per the offense.  You made a mess during stations? Now you clean it up.  You hurt a friends feelings?  Now you do something to make it up to them.  You interrupted our learning and drained my energy?  Now you fill up my energy by doing something for the class.  You hurt someone or broke something?  Now we will talk with your family about being safe and respectful at school.

Why do I love this?  It works.  It's easy for my students and for me to remember.  It's easy to be consistent.  And when we are consistent, students know what we expect, know how to meet those expectations and can predict what will happen when they don't. 

That's it.  No warnings to give.  No Clips to move.  No points to add.  Just students working together in the classroom community  

Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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